How To Format Your Instagram Bio & Captions

In this Free Mini Course you'll learn tips on formatting your Instagram Bio & Captions including the secret to adding spaces to the text.
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    How To Format Your Instagram Bio
    • Video Tutorial
    • Notes
  • 2
    How To Format Your Instagram Captions
    • Video Tutorial
    • Notes
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    Bonus Resources
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  • Lorina Daiana

    Lorina Daiana

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Lorina is a Savvy Digital Marketer with a passion for educating entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. She has over 6+ years of experience working in Social Media & Digital Marketing with all sorts of clients from hotels, big chain restaurants, coffee shops, e-commerce fashion brands, to top blog influencers and more. Some of those clients include Coffee Bean, The Halal Guys, Saguaro Hotel, Margo & Me Blog, Gap, Clinique, Shake Shack and more.

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